A beautiful game of creating prestigious artworks

You are the Artist! Collect pigments to craft brilliant paints and use those paints to create the greatest artworks of the High Renaissance. Get critiqued, build your portfolio, and exhibit your work to become the Master Artist!

Status: Pre-production nearing final development. Seeking production funding late Q2 2017. We are very grateful for your interest and support!

Target Audiences: Families, art-lovers, tabletop gaming enthusiasts

MSRP: $50 USD (Estimated, TBD)
Genres: Tabletop, card game, set collection
Anticipated Release Date: Mid-November 2017

Classical inspiration

Create Artworks of the High Renaissance

Be inspired when you create twenty-four stunning masterworks including the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Sleeping Venus, The Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and many others. And future artwork expansion packs will satisfy the creative impulses of every player.

Strategic opportunities

Mix Rare Pigments to produce Vibrant Paints

Your artistic journey starts at the beginning; collect the necessary ingredients to produce stunning, vibrant oil paints. There’s multiple ways to create, so use the method that uses your resources efficiently and brings your artwork to completion first.

Art Legends

Renowned Renaissance Artists

Masterwork features four artworks each from of six of the most famous artists of the period. Refamiliarize yourself with the works Michelangelo di Lodovico, Raphael Sanzio da Urbino, and Leonardo da Vinci, and perhaps be introduced for the first time to impressive artworks by Bellini, Giorgione, and Titian.

Achievement and merits

Build your portfolio and exhibit widely

Choose one or more routes to fame. Completing each artwork builds your prestige, as does using those artworks to participate in influential exhibitions. Sixteen different Exhibit cards create a great deal of game replayability.

Tactile Experience

Create artworks on real wooden easels

Masterwork includes four wooden mini-easels upon which to create your artworks. In addition to the visual appeal, these easels hide your progress from other players as you work towards a prestigious victory.

A call to action

Help make Masterwork a reality

We need your help to bring Masterwork to market! All the artwork is complete (though all images shown here are pre-production versions of the game and could change in the final version), the game is tested, we’re ready to go. To help us bring Masterwork to the world, please back us on Kickstarter (date coming soon) and tell other art- and gaming-minded friends about it. One person can make a difference – please be that person.

Masterwork Notifications

May we send you occasional updates about Masterwork and our upcoming Kickstarter?