Do you like solo?

Testing a solo variant of Masterwork

While Masterwork was originally conceived as a game for 2-4 players, I’m now testing a version that will allow players to go it alone. [Setting aside the argument that a ‘solo game’ is not actually a game at all, but a puzzle.]

There seems to be an increased interest in solo gaming, and the benefits are obvious: your gaming needs might not be met by the availability of people to play with, or perhaps you like to rapidly try different play strategies. Solo gaming is obviously a different experience, so I’m wondering: what do you get from it? Does ‘winning’ feel the same as when playing with other players? Are you rewarded with a different type of satisfaction?

So, do you play board games solo? If so, which ones? And what are the best and worst parts of solo play? Please message me (or comment below) and share your experiences!