Box art reveal!

A hero image is worth a thousand words

Masterwork is design complete*! Woot! I’m excited to share with you this hero image of the box art for Masterwork. Getting to this milestone has been a long time coming and we’re getting very close to ‘Kickstarter ready’ (and print ready, for that matter). Hurray!

A huge thank you to everyone who has offered help, support, and positive words. Your well-wishes and positive vibes kept fuel in the tank to get all this graphic design done.

What I learned:
Don’t settle for your first pass at anything. While the older (temporary) box (see below) art was elegant, I was concerned that it didn’t offer enough shelf appeal and communicated very little about the game. ‘Apple-like’ – looked nice but a bit boring.

Older box art – clean but generic and a bit boring

The new art features the most famous painting of all time and shows some of the wood theme that is shared throughout all the game elements. On the final print packaging, it will look particularly good with a ‘Spot UV’ treatment, a transparent coating that makes the colors (especially the Gold ink) really vibrant and shiny and standout from the matte wood texture.

Soon I’ll be able to share actual photographs of the box art. Stay tuned!


*Except for the rules, which will be validated by game testing at PDXAge this coming weekend. 🙂

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