The why of RonJohn Games

RonJohn Games is a boutique game publisher located near Portland, Oregon. It was created with two important and interrelated goals: to develop games that encourage interest in the Humanities and the human experience, and to bring the experiences of tabletop gaming to more players. These two interrelated ideas drive every decision we make: how to make games that encourage people to think about the world in new ways, and how to get more people doing it together.

We believe games are an enjoyable, risk-free way to ask-and-answer questions about what and who we as as Humans are and should be, and what the design of our nature and our environment should look like.

At its core, our goal is to create meaningful, beautiful, unique, and (most importantly!) fun games that make people think, bring people together, and grow the gaming community.

About Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is a visual artist, user experience designer, and passionate creator interested in solving meaningful problems. His first game, Masterwork, is a passion project marrying his love of art with the pleasure that comes from sitting across the table from someone and spending a nice afternoon playing a game.

Puns and verbal wordplay, pizza, making people laugh, making people pizza, people who don’t laugh at my pizza, thoughtful conversation, boardgaming, geekery (esp. sci-fi / fantasy), amazing clouds, art galleries, waffles, whiskey, and many other things that start with ‘W’.